About Us

Truespec is a manufacturers’ representative and distributor specializing in the supply, design and assembly of automation equipment. Combining diverse industry expertise with a leading-edge inventory, we power performance in the field through superior reliability and collaboration.


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Our Values

Fluid means fast.
 Being our customers' one-stop shop requires the determination to work together, quickly and effectively. Whenever customers need us, we respond with insightful service and a positive disposition. Period.

It all starts with collaboration. The more we work together, the more we can do for our clients: shelve items, shorten lead times and deliver forward-thinking solutions.

True to spec, true to our word. We supply the most reliable products, triple tested for accuracy, and backed by three decades of proven service.

Our History

The Truespec story is one of supply and demand: supply the most reliable products, and demand the most knowledgeable, responsive customer service. These principles hold as true for us today as they did when the company was formed in 1982 as J&J Sales.

Thirty years of growth and prosperity later, J&J Sales is now Truespec Energy Products — but we’re very much the same company. The name change signifies an ability to provide our customers with more of what we’re made of: proven products, personalized service and a willingness to work together. Because together, we flow forward.