Electric Actuator

Truespec fields some of the industry’s toughest electric valve actuators, suitable for even your most demanding applications. Contact us for more product info.

ABZ  — Electric Series

ABZ Actuators are designed for automating most types of quarter turn valves; are well suited for nearly all industries; and are ideal for either on/off or modulating service.

  • Features
  • Easily adjustable limit switches with a torque switch assembly
  • Use of ball bearings maximizes efficiency of power transfer with low noise level
  • Self locking at any position
  • Adjustable mechanical stops
  • All actuators have Hand/Auto declutching handwheel overrides
  • Specifications
  • Actuators are "CE" approved
  • Approved explosion proof per Exd 11B T4 IP67
  • Enclosure- Watertight IP67, Nema 4, 4x
  • -20 to +158 F
  • Power Supply- 120/220VAC 1-Phase; 380/440VAC 3-Phase
  • Control Power- 110/220VAC 1-Phase; 60/50Hz

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Rotork IQ3 — Intelligent Electric Actuators

Continuing the Rotork ethos of evolving design, the next generation IQ multi-turn and IQT part-turn electric actuators introduce a whole new level of flexibility in actuation and control systems. Reliability standards have been set even higher, it is simpler to commission and use and is unrivalled in its ability to provide valve and process control operational data.

  • Specifications and Features
  • Three-phase, direct current and single-phase variants
  • Watertight and hazardous area enclosures
  • Double-sealing
  • Handwheels for emergency and ease-of-use operation
  • Advanced, multilingual display for status and setup
  • Detailed data logging
  • Setting and data capture using Bluetooth® connection
  • High reliability, solid-state controls (multi-turn)
  • Simplified torque sensor (multi-turn)
  • New thrust base design (multi-turn)
  • Separable gearbox/thrust base across the range (multiturn)

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AUMA SA, SQ — Electric Actuators

AUMA is a leading manufacturer of multi-turn (SA) and quarter-turn (SQ) electric actuators, with variants for industrial, oil and gas and a host of other uses. The modular design of AUMA electric actuators offer a comprehensive range of sub-assemblies allows for configuration of customer-specific actuators accommodating the required application.

  • Specifications and Features
  • SA and SQ AUMA actuators are supplied in increased enclosure protection IP68 in compliance with EN 60529
  • Guaranteed reliable service irrespective of ambient environment
  • Corrosion-resistant and explosion-proof design
  • Overload and thermal motor protection
  • Clearly structured operation
  • Adaptable to any mounting position

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ProMation PL Series — Linear Electric Actuators

ProMation represents the leading name in linear electric actuators for critical industrial processes. 

  • Features
  • Four different output forces provide a more closely matched actuator/valve combination
  • Stroke lengths up to 50mm (PL550/PL1100) or up to 100mm (PL2200/PL4400)
  • Manual override for fast and simple manual positioning
  • External, easy-read visual position indicator
  • Stem force remains constant even as seat surface wears, with no need for recalibration over time
  • Universal bonnet mounting
  • Specifications
  • Thrust (lb): 550/1100/2200/4400
  • Thrust (kN): 2.45/4.89/9.79/19.57
  • Motor: DC brush type
  • Control: On/Off/Jog/Proportional
  • Manual Override: Handwheel
  • Temperature: -30°C to +52°C (-22°F to +125°F)

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