Electric Pumps

Truespec and Sidewinder electronic pumps are available in multiple head configurations, giving you maximum options to precisely fit your process needs. Talk to us about your application.

Sidewinder A/C Electric Chemical Metering Pumps

The Sidewinder A/C Powered Chemical Metering Pump, introducing innovation and simplicity for a more reliable, energy efficient pump that provides lower maintenance cost and ease of repair.

  • Specifications & Features
  • .22 HP motor
  • Choice of plunger configuration 1/4" 3/8" 1/2"
  • Plunger options 17-4 ss and ceramic coated
  • Operating pressures to 5,000 psi
  • Flows to 147 gallons per day
  • Options
  • Model: simplex & duplex
  • Controller: Built in ambient temperature sensor standard
  • Fluid End: plunger
  • Wet End (materials): 316 SS, ceramic balls in check valves available

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Truespec Electronic Metering Pump

The solenoid-driven metering pumps are used for the precise injction of chemicals into a process or system. The mechanically actuated diaphragm design has only one moving part which is permanently lubricated. The simplicity and effiency of this design results in a pump that consumes very little power, enabling the pump to be totally enclosed in a chemically resistant housing for installation in the harsh enviorments.

  • Specifications & Features
  • Adjustable stoke 1000:1 turndown ration
  • Digital control
  • Encapsulated electronics
  • Self-priming check valves
  • Available in 316 ss and poly head design
  • Maximum operating pressure 250 PSI and 12 GPD injection rates 

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