Control Valve

Truespec is a proud partner of CVS Controls, a leading manufacturer specializing in control valves and associated instrumentation products. Learn more about our offerings.

Series E (ED, ET) — Globe Valve

The CVS Series E features a single-port, globe-style body with composition or metal seats, and a balanced valve plug with push down to close action. This series provides much-needed versatility, with Design ED for general control applications and Design ET for applications that require low leakage rates.

  • Specifications & Features
  • Size: 2"–8"
  • Class: 150, 300, 600
  • ASME B16.34
  • Design ED: upper piston ring, metal-to-metal seating
  • Design ET: linear-whisper, quick-opening and equal-percent flow characteristics available

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Series V100 — Ball Valve

The CVS V100 Ball Valve design utilizes a standard ball with a triangular shaped wedge formed in it. This design allows for both throttling control and on/off service used in conjunction with a variety of actuators.

  • Specifications & Features
  • Size: 2"–12"
  • Class: 150, 300, 600
  • Typical actuators: pneumatic spring/diaphragm rotary (CVS 1051), pneumatic piston rotary
  • Actuators mountable either horizontally or vertically

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The HPX Control Valves are high-pressure and angle valves, designed for high-pressure applications in the process control industry. They are equipped with metal seats, cage guiding and quick-change trim and push down to close valve plug action. These valves use balanced valve plugs. In the CVS Series HPX2D and HPAX2, a piston ring provides the seal between the cage and the balanced valve plug. In the CVS Series HPX5T and HPA5, that seal is provided by a pressure assisted seal ring.

  • Specifications & Features
  • Size: 2"–6" and 2" angle valve
  • Class: 900, 1500, (2500 for 2" angle valve)

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Series D — Globe Valve, Series DA – Angle Valve

The CVS Series D is a single-port, screwed-in metal seated globe style valve with unbalanced post-guided plug and push down to close plug action used for high-pressure applications. These valves are used in oil & gas production, distribution systems and power plants.

These valves are especially used for throttling or on/off control of liquids or gases. The flow characteristic is equal percent, and the flow direction is up through the seat ring and past the valve plug. This valve is available with cast integral flanges, welded flanges or scdrewed connections. The valve plug and seat ring can be fitted with tungsten carbide inserts or Stellite overlay.

  • Specifications & Features
  • Size: 1", 2"
  • 3600 lb. standard (6000 lb. also available)
  • Optional flanged bodies to suit any application

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