Project Solutions Group

For large or complex projects, Truespec has a dedicated solutions team to help you reduce implementation time, mitigate risk and ensure consistent delivery across all project phases — making performance more predictable.

Engineer More Powerful Projects

One of the biggest challenges any project faces is taking functionality from the minds of engineers and operators, and putting it into action.

At Truespec, we believe it all starts with collaboration. Partner with our Project Solutions Group to more effectively plan, maintain and optimize operations throughout the life of your project.

Project Management

With more than 30 years of expertise, we understand the complexities of ensuring consistent execution in a dynamic project environment. Our Project Solutions Group serves a variety of project functions, such as managing material test reports (MTRs), verifying order accuracy and coordinating installation — keeping your project on budget and in sync.

Life Cycle Planning

The key to true performance is to never lose sight of the big picture. From developing phased implementation strategies to mapping out an upgrade and modernization schedule, Truespec takes an active approach to optimizing operational efficiency throughout the life of your system.

Business Development

With decades of experience in oil & gas, LNG, power, petrochemical and other markets, our team brings an industry-specific expertise and perspective to the challenges you face. We partner with you to solve your challenges at hand and to prepare you for the ones down the road.