Combining 30 years of experience, rigorous quality standards and superior in-stock availability, Truespec partners with you to satisfy the full spectrum of requirements for even your most complex field applications.

One-Stop Shop. Nonstop Service.

Truespec brings you complete valve and automation expertise to back it up. Our automation engineers work closely with your team to evaluate any valve or actuator issues, then quickly assemble the right products to fit your process needs. 

Custom Design Solutions

In addition to our standard product offerings, Truespec can design and install a full array of custom solutions for any automation challenge, from simple on/off operations to specialized fail-safe mechanisms. We proactively manage collaboration between your team and our manufacturers for optimized performance that fits your exact needs:

  • Thorough, accurate design drawings
  • Free test documentation on all equipment
  • Complete material test reports
  • Industry-best turnaround
  • Full delivery in one piece
  • Components installed as designed
  • Responsive service and support

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Valve Sizing

Sizing control valves for the intended process control takes both an understanding of the variables and characteristics affecting a specific process, as well as a familiarity that can only be acquired through experience with different valve sizing problems.

Our 30-year track record working with operators in various industries — such as petrochemical, LNG processing, power generation, and oil and gas — makes Truepec a proven partner in control valve sizing and selection.

When choosing the proper valve, our team considers:

  • Valve type, line size and end connection
  • Desired design parameters
  • Process fluid (water, oil, gas, steam, etc.)
  • Applicable service conditions (pressure, temperature, flow rate, etc.)

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