Truespec — Flow Forward

Our story is one of supply and demand: supply the most reliable products, and demand the most knowledgeable customer service. These principles hold as true for us today as they did when the company was founded as J&J Sales in 1982.

Thirty years of growth and prosperity later, J&J Sales is now Truespec Energy Products — but we’re very much the same company. The name change signifies an ability to provide our customers with more of what we’re made of: proven products, personalized service and a willingness to work together. Because together, we flow forward.




Our staff works side by side with manufacturers and engineering companies to provide the best product selection and customized solutions for every project. In thirty years serving the Southwest, we’ve grown our product line and amassed expertise that spans a number of industrial markets, including:

• Oil & gas (upstream, midstream, downstream)
• Power generation
• Petrochemical
• Water & wastewater
• Food & beverage
• Mining



Want a challenging career in the oil and gas industry and a rewarding work environment? We’re always looking for the right addition to the Truespec family. Ask about current openings >